1. Whether you’re planning to move or just tackling a home cleaning project, there’s a good chance you’ll have a few items to get rid of. Research junk removal companies in your area or go straight to TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK for your junk removal needs!
  2. Determine what items need to be hauled away. Consider some of the items below, as they are common for junk removal:
    1. Old Furniture
    2. Appliances
    3. Televisions
    4. Old carpets or rugs
    5. Toys or playsets
    6. General trash
    7. And more!
  3. Be sure to remove any hazardous items or things we can’t haul away for you. Check out the full list, here.
  4. When speaking with your local junk removal team, ask how pricing is structured so you know what to expect when the team arrives for your junk removal job. Final price is given on-site when the team does a walk through of your items to be removed. 
  5. Prior to your junk removal team’s arrival, keep in mind what you’d like them to remove, and ensure your items are accessible, so you can do an accurate walk through with them. You can also place your items at the curb if you prefer a contact-free pick up option.
  6. We’ll take care of the rest!