Junk removal services are ideal for getting rid of unwanted items or junk around your home or business without having to do any of it yourself! 

Whatever your needs for junk removal might be, you can rest easy knowing our professionally trained junk removal teams will handle the lifting, removal, and disposal so you can get on with your day. One question we often get asked about our junk removal services – and understandably so – is “how much does it cost?”

Let us tell you! 


Junk removal pricing is calculated by how much of your junk fills our truck. Simple as that! 

The measurements are done in 1/8 truck increments up to the full capacity of the truck, charged as a flat rate. Once we have all items loaded into the truck, that will determine your price. No hidden fees or additional costs are included.

What takes up 1/8th of a junk removal truck?

Now that you’ve seen how pricing works, you might be wondering how your unwanted items fit into the pricing picture. We have you covered! 

Below, we’ve listed a few common junk removal items that generally take up 1/8 of space in a junk removal truck. This will give you an idea of how much space you may need and how easy it can be to call us for removal at a reasonable price! 

  • A standard kitchen fridge (One truck can hold up 8 refrigerators)
  • A king-sized bed mattress, including the box spring and frame
  • A desk or credenza 
  • A large bookcase or entertainment center

Getting a quote for junk removal

Our teams are ready to answer any questions you have about junk removal services.

Call us today to get a started on your next junk removal service!