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If you have a need for high-quality, professional junk removal services, we’ve got you covered. Utilizing specialized junk

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removal trucks and professionally trained junk removal teams, we’re ready to tackle any job thrown our way and help you avoid the hassle of hauling away unwanted items on your own. 

Our teams are professionally trained, background checked, and drug screened before ever being sent out on a job. They’re trained on the importance of safety and heavy lifting so they’re able to lift and remove your old, unwanted items out of your home or business with ease. Our job is to help you properly remove and dispose of old furniture, appliances, and random junk you no longer need in a safe and efficient fashion! 

It’s important to know before your junk removal service what items we can and cannot remove for you.

The items listed below are some of the things our service works great for:

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The following are items we cannot handle with our junk removal services due to sanitation and safety reasons: 

  • Asbestos 
  • Any liquid-based items, paint, hazardous materials, chemicals, any type of household cleaners, HAZMAT materials, batteries, mercury-based items, propane, or other flammable items 

Check with your local office regarding booking these items:

  • Heavy or dense materials like asphalt, brick, roofing shingles, dirt, concrete, or miscellaneous debris 
  • Tires are normally not accepted at disposal facilities, but you can contact a local tire recycle center to see if they’ll take them 
  • Any electronics that qualify as e-waste, including CRT televisions
  • Yard waste including grass, mulch, brush, sod, and other vegetative waste can sometimes be hauled away within certain guidelines. Disposal facilities can handle these, but not when mixed with other junk
  • Appliances with liquid such as dehumidifiers, freezers, and AC units 
  • Appliances that aren’t emptied 


For any other questions surrounding our junk removal services, contact your local office!

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