For many homeowners, purchasing a large appliance may be more work than anticipated.

It’s exciting to get it ordered and set a delivery date, but then reality sets in as you realize you need to get the old appliances out. Now what? That’s when TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK comes in! 

When it comes to appliance removal, we’re the experts!  Using our junk removal service, we’ll get old appliances removed from your home and disposed of properly so you can move on to something new. Whether it’s making room for a new appliance you purchased, or you have old appliances taking up space that you’re ready to toss, our TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK professionals will do the heavy lifting for you and get it taken care of quickly

How appliance removal works

Utilizing specialized junk removal trucks and a team of professionals, we’ll arrive ready to assist with the removal of any unwanted appliances you no longer need. Our teams are not only trained on the heavy lifting involved in this process, but also on how to navigate around tight corners, up or down stairs, and through a home to avoid damages during the removal. 

This service is great for anyone who is updating appliances in their home, undergoing home renovations, cleaning out their home, decluttering, or for those getting ready to move and find themselves no longer needing certain items. 

TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK appliance removal includes:

  • Sink disposal 
  • Old appliance pickup
  • Old appliance removal
  • Used appliance pickup
  • TV removal
  • Refrigerator removal 

Junk removal professionals you can trust

With any TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the junk removal process is in the hands of professionals you can trust. All of our team members are professionally trained and experienced in this type of junk removal. We’ll work hard to ensure the process is quick and efficient so you can focus on more important things.

We can remove as much or as little as you need from your home or business. Our team is available to answer any questions you might have about the junk removal process and what we can or cannot handle. 

If you’re interested in how TWO MEN AND A JUNK TRUCK can help with your appliance removal needs, give us a call today!