Got an old TV gathering dust? 

Time to clear some space for the latest and greatest model! But wait, before you kick it to the curb, here's the lowdown on responsibly parting ways with your old tv

TMJT crew in a clean and well organized garage

Why the fuss? Well, tossing out TVs willy-nilly isn't just bad for clutter—it's bad for the planet. Those old-school cathode ray tube TVs? They're loaded with lead and other nasties that can wreak havoc on the environment if they end up in landfills. Even newer models pack a punch with heavy metals like mercury and cadmium.

So, what's a savvy TV owner to do? Here's the scoop:

  1. Sell Smart: Before you bid adieu to your trusty old TV, wipe the slate clean. Log out of streaming accounts and perform a factory reset to erase any personal info. Then, explore resale options. While the market for used TVs isn't exactly booming, retro gamers might be on the hunt for CRT TVs. Check for inputs like component and S-Video—those babies are gamer gold!
  2. Donate with Heart: Spread the love by donating your old TV to a local charity, school, or library. Thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army often offer pickup services, making it a breeze to do good while decluttering.
  3. Give the Gift of TV: Feeling generous? Spread the word on social media or swap sites like Buy Nothing and Craigslist. Someone out there might just be in the market for a free TV!
  4. Manufacturer Return: Some TV makers offer recycling or refurbishing programs. Reach out to see if your manufacturer will take your old set off your hands.
  5. Recycle Right: Check for e-waste facilities in your area that accept old TVs. Many offer pickup services, so you can bid farewell to your set without breaking a sweat. No facility nearby? Don't fret—some cities host e-waste days where residents can drop off old electronics for recycling.
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