Are you planning on moving a dresser? 

A well organized closet with unnecessary junk removed

Here's how to remove dresser drawers with ease:

  1. Decide if it's Worth Moving: If you're unsure, consider if the dresser is worth the effort. If not, see if someone else could use it or donate it to charity.
  2. Gather Supplies: You'll need furniture blankets, plastic wrap, cardboard, masking tape, packing tape, and furniture sliders.
  3. Use a Furniture Dolly: A dolly makes moving heavy dressers much easier. You can rent one or buy it from a home improvement store.
  4. Get a Friend: Enlist a friend's help for packing, loading, and transporting the dresser. More hands make light work!
  5. Empty the Dresser: Remove items from the dresser to lighten the load. Pack clothes and other items into cardboard boxes prior to removing dresser drawers.
  6. Secure Drawers: Tape drawers shut with painter's tape or wrap them in plastic to prevent them from opening during transit.
  7. Remove Mirror: If your dresser has a mirror, remove it carefully and pack it separately with blankets and bubble wrap.
  8. Wrap in Blankets: Wrap the dresser in furniture blankets and secure them with packing tape. Shrink-wrap the entire dresser to protect it from moisture and dirt.
  9. Load onto Dolly: Use straps to secure the dresser to the dolly and transport it to the truck. Use an appliance dolly for stairs.
  10. Load into Truck: Push the dolly up the loading ramp and secure the dresser with straps in the truck.

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